Oct 30, 2013

The left continues to throw a hissy because they can't get their way!

The radical left continues to throw themselves on the ground just like children over not getting their way. They refuse to act like adults. They refuse to follow the law. They will refuse to negotiate. And they sure as hell won't compromise.
So because the American people have literally told the Dumbocrats to go Screw themselves, and filled Congress with real conservatives for the first time in their lives, they now want to rip up the Constitution and build a new one that allows them to act like dictators and fast-track the nation to Soviet-era communism.

It's amazing how these people lose their mind because they can't do what they want to do, when they want to do it, as fast as they want to do it.

Oct 23, 2013

I Can't Wait to See How the Democrats Respond to this Latest Obama Bombshell.

After posting several damning videos this week and watching the libs on the blogs absolutely lose their freaken minds while trying to scramble for any lie which would spin the indisputable truth - it should be entertaining as hell to watch them chase their tails over this bombshell:

Barack Obama could not sit in the situation room during the operation to kill Osama Bin Laden. During the most important event in his presidency, he went to another room to play cards with a few members of his staff.

Un-freaken-believable. What kind of leader leaves the room during something that crucial? The man crows about "killing Bin Laden" and not only was it NOT him (it was the Seals), but he couldn't even be bothered to sit through the operation to provide the leadership which is his responsibility. Apparently he found doing his job "too boring" and was instead more consumed by a fascinating game of Spades. Then again, as one very bright American already stated, maybe Obama couldn't sit through it all because of an internal conflict - being that he hates America and is a muslim and all. Maybe Spades was a way! 

I must admit - that made me laugh.

Oct 3, 2013

The emotional, irrational, and hypocritical platform of the Democrat Party!

Democrats have made some pretty outrageous claims for why the government should have gotten involved with healthcare and why Obamacare is perfectly ok. However, if you were to take their exact "logic" and "reasoning" (and I do use those terms lightly as the party has not displayed either of those in well over 100 years) to other issues this nation experiences, the Democrats would literally be seething and violent. Don't believe me? Let's critically examine (they love that ignorant and immature buzz word, so I thought I'd start this off by putting them in their comfort zone ).

Cost: according to Democrats, Obamacare is justified because the cost of healthcare is skyrocketing and society is "paying for it anyway" when uninsured people seek healthcare.

Ok. Applying that same "logic" and "reason", Democrats should be leading the charge to make owning and carrying firearms at all times mandatory. We have between 16,000 - 17,000 murders per year in the U.S. because people were too lazy and ignorant to be prepared to defend themselves. The cost of those murders is into the hundreds of billions of dollars for the American tax payer. The cost of emergency personal showing up on site after the murder, the cost of morgue and coroner storing the body and doing the autopsy, the cost of the detectives investigating the murder, the cost of the courts and prosecutors collecting evidence and prosecuting the case, the cost of lost work time due to family members being at the proceedings, the cost of lost work time due to eye witnesses being subpoenaed to testify, and of course the cost of housing those criminals for the rest of their lives.

In addition to murders, we have millions of more cases of assault, rape, robbery, and more which - when added to the costs of the murders for all of the same reasons - pushes these crimes into the trillions every year for the American tax payers. Since Democrats are so concerned (suddenly ) about driving down costs for the American tax payer, then making firearms mandatory to carry at all times so that one does not become a victim should be at the top of their agenda. And yet, strangely, it is not....

Care: Democrats claim their heart bleeds, their eyes tear, and their souls scream for all of those poor people who can't afford healthcare.

Ok. Applying that same "logic" and "reason", Democrats should be leading the charge to make owning and carrying firearms at all times mandatory. After all, what is more heinous and tragic than a person being murdered? Far more harsh than a person with heart disease not receiving free open heart surgery. Murder kills you quicker than cancer. Murder is preventable. Murder does not give you time to say goodbye to your loves one's. Ask a family member of a loved one who was murdered and they will tell you that unlike natural deaths, they never really get closure. Since Democrats are so concerned (suddenly ) about their fellow man, then making firearms mandatory to carry at all times so that one does not become a victim should be at the top of their agenda. And yet, strangely, it is not....

Constitutionality: This one is my personal favorite. The Democrats have come up with all kinds of wild and outrageous interpretations of why it is constitutional for the federal government to take over healthcare like a bunch of mini-Adolf Hitler's.

Ok. Applying that same "logic" and "reason", Democrats should be leading the charge to make owning and carrying firearms at all times mandatory. After all, the right to bear arms actually is a right found in the Constitution. Since Democrats are so concerned (suddenly ) about constitutionality, then making firearms mandatory to carry at all times so that one is compliant with the Constitution should be at the top of their agenda. And yet, strangely, it is not....

At the end of the day, this proves what both sides already know (but which the Democrats ignore like the large pink elephant in the corner of the room): these are all just wild and irrational excuses. The few Democrats in power want to take over healthcare because it expands their power and increases their voting base. The Democrats not in power (the majority) such as JoeB, Swallow, Seawytch, etc. want yet another free hand out from government because they refuse to work and provide for themselves. The funny part is, both sides of that party feel so much shame over why they actually want Obamacare, they can't bring themselves to admit it

Oct 1, 2013

So what does a "federal government shutdown" REALLY mean?

So what does a "federal government shutdown" REALLY mean?
The Military still works and social security checks will be on time. The Post office is still posting letters and the "intelligence" agencies will still be doing whatever it is that they do. They are going to close the parks and that's a shame but that seems to be the extent of it. They used to say "non essential" federal employees would be laid off but they use different terminology today because people were asking why they were hired in the first place if they aren't essential. Personally I think with the exceptions noted above the federal government should shut down for about four months every year and if it works well enough we can extend it to 6 months. Meanwhile the states can run the parks.

Although the asshats on the left will tell you differently, It means that a few worthless federal employees will sit on their ass doing nothing at home, and draw a retroactive pay check; instead of sitting on their ass doing nothing at some bogus government agency.

Its like trimming the fat, except the fat comes right back... Yup. These Fed workers could disappear and no one would miss em.
AS for them getting payed?? They shouldn't get payed while furloughed. Who the hell pays people to sit home??
Oh wait. I forgot. It’s the Govt and they use our tax dollars to pay people to sit home and do nothing or sit in some Govt office doing nothing. If you’ve ever been to a VA office like I have, then you’ve seen that nobody does anything and that nothing goes on there anyway but a bunch of idiots wasting your time because they don’t know what the hell they are doing anyway... Just like at the Post Office.
Bottom line:  It means the country is being held hostage by a radical group of deranged Leftist extremists led by that old fart Harry Reid who’d rather use extortion than see reason. And followed by another bunch of bullying socialist and special interest groups. And that's how Democrats passed Obamacare in the first place, didn't they!!
 More proof wh t we  need a president who is a Leader not a community organizer.
And the left says that Hillary Clinton should  be the next president. What a Freaken Joke that is! She couldn't even beat an unknown Kenyan community organizer in her last primary... It’s even sadder than funny. Lets hope that Benghazi does not go away by then.
The thing I am pissed off about is the economy and a president who thinks he is God, but couldn’t punch his way out of a Paper Bag.