Mar 28, 2014

Black-on-Black crimes, or Idiots and Hypocrites

 In our inner-cities, in our major cities like New York, Chicago, and Detroit we are losing our young people by the hundreds. In America’s inner-cities, kids, and even babies are being killed at an alarming rate right in their own backyards, in our playgrounds, in our parks etc. . Why aren't we doing something about it? Why aren't these so called and self appointed Black leaders and spokes-people even SAYING something about it, anything?
Where's the outrage?  Why isn’t our (Black) president or that blow-hard Al Sharpton  concerned enough about this state of violence among black youth?

Left-wingers don't care about the tens of thousands of young black males killed on the streets of liberal cities; as long as they aren't murdered by white, or half-white, or Hispanic's like George Zimmerman!
And as far as I can see, The Black clergy continues to ignore this problem as well.
Pastor Aubrey Shines of Chicago said, “If Obama Had a Son, He’d Look a Lot Like the Knockout Thugs”

Mar 21, 2014

It's 2 years later and Romney is still owning Obama in the debates.

It's 2 years later and Romney is still owning Obama in the debates.

Isn’t it so that Obama said the following in the Presidential debates.
“Obama said the cold war is over and Al Queda is on the run”
Romney accurately predicted Russia would take center stage as a geopolitical foe while Obama declared that a "reset" had been made and Russia was now our "good friend"

Obama weakened our national security with his ignorance and lack of preparation while a governor (Romney) could see Russia coming from a mile away, and all those Liberia's STILL can support Comrade Obama at all costs!

Once again, indisputable facts proves that Obama is ignorant, incapable, and unqualified for his job (which he illegally obtained through voter fraud anyway).

Obama believed he could "unite" communists because he was one of them. He was simply to immature and idealistic to understand that communists are vicious dictators who do not unite but rather make temporary alignments for their own personal gain and then turn on each other like rabid wolves.

Perhaps if he actually went to class at Columbia instead of skipping to snort cocaine and smoke pot or if he hadn't skipped all of those national security meetings, he might have actually learned something? But sadly, Obama has convinced Obama that he's too smart and has nothing left to learn.

Mar 16, 2014

Benghazi, Perhaps the Most Outrageous of All of Obama's Lies!

We already know the truth! Now we want Obama and Hillary properly held responsible (God forbid, right). We know it was a planned attack - not a YouTube video as Obama lied about. We know that more security was requested dozens and dozens and dozens of times by no less than 9 different RSO's and it was all ignored and/or denied. We know that Obama and Hillary watched it via drone feed and instructed additional security to stand down. We know all of this already. You may not (probably because you don't want to know). But we do.

I wonder how many times you libs denied the Clinton & Lewinsky affair  before Clinton admitted it and then how many times afterwards he went off on some bizarre diatribe about "the quest for truth" while mentioning unrelated items like Nixon and Watergate???

Apparently some of these blind, deaf and dumb liberal asshats still  think that Bush is always the Blame
Sorry sweetie, If reality and facts are too difficult for you to deal with, I suggest you see a mental health expert.
Either way, don't blame me for Obama's failures and lies.........and please don't insult my intelligence !
But then again, Dumbocrats are always devoid of facts

Mar 13, 2014

Rutgers professors tells Condi Rice: "Go home, and take your speech with you".

 Rutgers University New Brunswick Faculty Council passed a resolution that demands the board of governors take back its invitation to Condoleezza Rice to speak!
You liberals are just to freken much!. Rutgers is a public university paid for NOT only with liberals' tax dollars, but with those of all Americans, therefore, all speakers from all persuasions should be allowed to speak. But you liberals clearly cannot tolerate diverse opinions, you stifle Free Speech, you are enemies of of our constitutional liberties.  You progressives  have a history of silencing public speakers that offer a diverse opinion.  Free speech is about allowing EVERYONE to speak. not just those you agree with. Free Speech is about NOT SILENCING those you disagree with. Thanks for confirming that you liberals are really Socialist.

Mar 4, 2014

I can see Russia from my house'

 Did Sarah Palin Really, and Actually Say: "I can see Russia from my house."
Sarah Palin said: "I can see Russia from my house."
Sarah Palin said: "I can see Russia from my house."
Sarah Palin said: "I can see Russia from my house."

The basis for that line came from then Governor Palin's 2008 appearance in a News  interview after being appointed as the Vice-presidential nominee. During that appearance, interviewer Charles Gibson asked her what insight she had gained from living so close to Russia, and she responded: "They're our next-door neighbors, and you can actually see Russia from land here in Alaska, from an island in Alaska":
But later that Intellectual Moron Tina Fey who appeared in a sketch portraying Sarah Palin spoofed Governor Palin's remark, and changed it making Governor Palin sould as if she was that stupid.  And it didn’t take too long before the IDIOTS in the Progressive Mode to latch on to it.
 But don’t you people who still have a brain find it a bit odd that the Soviet Union (Russia) completely collapsed when we had a Conservative Republican with Brains and Guts in office.  Yes, I am referring to the Great  Ronald Reagan. And soon after President Barack Hussein Obama was elected we weakened our military!  With his flawed policies, and his pathological lies has weakened this countries defense.
Doesn’t that tell you everything you need to know about the idiots running this country today?

Well it tells me that under this weak and disastrous Liberal Progressive/Democrat regime the United States of American is now not only weak,  but weak to the point of deadly danger too.  To ALL OF US AMERICANS and that the USSR with Vladimir Putin, a former KGB leader and  a known warrior at the helm has awakened as the Russian Bear he once was.  And now with a known weak US President we can only imagine that the Cold War has really never ended. So to say that Barack Hussein Obama is  a known weak US President is an understatement.  He showed and proved that to the world with his stupid famous “RED LINE” statement to the Assad regime on Syria’s chemical weapons last year. And then had  former KGB leader Vladimir Putin bail him out of it.

Right from day one in office Obama has been trying to reduce the military in every way possible. Remember the sequestration limits to reduce government spending?  Remember 2009 when he told the Muslim world in his famous speech in Cairo when he said, "there have been times where AMERICA HAS SHOWN ARROGANCE AND BEEN DISMISSIVE”!  Instead of recognizing all the good that America does throughout the entire world every day and every year!

And now we see a very weak Barack Hussein Obama and his ilk running around the Olympics supporting the homosexual agenda and trying to change the Russian nation and a   former KGB leader’s beliefs while they are sending Troops by the Hundreds of Thousands to threaten war.
So while the Russian bear Vladimir Putin has strengthened the Russian military.  The very weak Barack Hussein Obama and his ilk are threatening and warning Russia on of possible U.S. sanctions and threatened to boycott the G8 meeting in June!  WOW!

All this while Obama has made every effort to disarm the American citizen banning their weapons.
Yes, all this while that “Stupid” Sarah Palin is saying “I told ya’ll so” I told ya that the Obama administration has only emboldened President Vladimir Putin.