Mar 21, 2014

It's 2 years later and Romney is still owning Obama in the debates.

It's 2 years later and Romney is still owning Obama in the debates.

Isn’t it so that Obama said the following in the Presidential debates.
“Obama said the cold war is over and Al Queda is on the run”
Romney accurately predicted Russia would take center stage as a geopolitical foe while Obama declared that a "reset" had been made and Russia was now our "good friend"

Obama weakened our national security with his ignorance and lack of preparation while a governor (Romney) could see Russia coming from a mile away, and all those Liberia's STILL can support Comrade Obama at all costs!

Once again, indisputable facts proves that Obama is ignorant, incapable, and unqualified for his job (which he illegally obtained through voter fraud anyway).

Obama believed he could "unite" communists because he was one of them. He was simply to immature and idealistic to understand that communists are vicious dictators who do not unite but rather make temporary alignments for their own personal gain and then turn on each other like rabid wolves.

Perhaps if he actually went to class at Columbia instead of skipping to snort cocaine and smoke pot or if he hadn't skipped all of those national security meetings, he might have actually learned something? But sadly, Obama has convinced Obama that he's too smart and has nothing left to learn.

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