Sep 5, 2014

Pure Nincompoopery!

The story and spin behind ex-Marine Tahmooressi, jailed in Mexico!!
Sgt. Tahmooressi, living in a truck having just arrived San Diego to seek VA assistance with PTSD supported by a Purple Heart veteran Marine; a 2 tour OEF meritoriously promoted Sergeant gets lost at the border and with one wrong turns ends up in the Mexico customs lane with no way to turn back. His truck piled high with possessions as he searched housing including his U.S. legally purchased firearms/ ammunition. Not intending to drive into Mexico he explains he is lost. Arrested since 4/1/2014, since incarceration his life has been threatened; sustained a neck wound requiring hospitalization and chained in a 4-point restraint, 26 plus days.
Isn’t it ironic that this administration can deal with the release of a man that deserted his post and trade 5 terrorist for his release  dealing the Taliban to secure the release, but we will not do the same for a Marine imprisoned in Mexico, for making a wrong turn and entered Mexico. Illogical nonsense!!!

So, let’s see if I understand this, our supposed leader who is willing to release 5 high ranking terrorists in exchange for an alleged deserter not willing to so much as speak out in support of an honorable Marine who actually earned his rank?

While I applaud politicians such as Tim Donnelly who actually put in an admirable effort to work for the release of Sgt. Tahmooressi by keeping attention on the issue as best he can, he simply can't do what the so-called leader of our nation can & demand the Sergeant's return.

Why is this administration remaining silent on Sgt. Tahmooressi's captivity when they are willing to undermine our national security in order to bring home a soldier of far less loyalty by any standard? Pure Nincompoopery!

Sep 3, 2014

Obama tells the world that: “We Will NOT Be Intimidated?

Intimidated?  They go around and chop off the heads of our citizens and he calls that being  intimidated?  For Crist’s Sakes, this is an act of War!
How long is this going to take before this MORON we have in our White House wakes up and Bombs the crap out of these Sons of Bitches?
Why would anybody believe what Obama is saying?? We watched him, as our leader, do nothing after Foley was beheaded. He said "We don't have a strategy.", relating to the situation. Then we get another American beheaded. I don't get it. Our president does not have the leadership skills to handle this. We need help. We need our military Generals to be allowed to do what they do best.
Obama never did care about the Constitution or our military. He is just a egotistical narcissistic, Marxist with not one ounce of concern for this great Country of ours.

And that's really the entire thing in a nutshell. The cancer known as liberalism is so absurd, that even the despicable liberals calling for their failed ideology refuse to adhere to what they are calling for.

I wonder what lack of shame it takes to demand that everyone do what they refuse to see. If this were the president that I supported, I would be beyond ashamed!
But NO!  These Numb-Nuts aka Liberals are still supporting him and making all kinds of excuses for him.. 

Aug 26, 2014

The Racist Community Organizer

If one were to look at today’s Democratic  Liberal, Progressive Party, they would find there is very little difference, if any  between it the Communist Party. And this is the Party which twice endorsed and elected  Barack Obama to the Highest office in the land.  The office of the president of the United States of America TWICE!  They elected a man whose father was a Communist, whose grandparents who helped raise him were Socialists, and who was mentored by a card-carrying member of the Communist Party of the United States.  A man who sat in the Church of a Pastor (Jeremiah Wright) who clearly stated that <B>BLACKS SHOULD NOT sing "GOD BLESS AMERICA" BUT "GOD DAMN AMERICA." </B>
The very same Reverend Wright married Obama and his wife Michelle, baptized their two daughters and is credited by Obama for the title of his book, "The Audacity of Hope."
We have a President who believes that the problems throughout the world have been caused by America. His disdain for the nation and the military that serves to protect it is on full display. And the Democratic Party twice chose him as its candidate.

If you want to see what Communism looks like, acts and says, watch and listen to the Democratic Party.
 The American People who are members of the Democratic, Liberal, Progressive Party march to the drum of Communism.

This is the reason I have long suggested that the Republicans do a frontal assault on the true Marxist-Leninist orientation of the Democrat Party.
This is a disgusting display of hypocrisy and is proof positive that  we’ve finally hit the bottom of the barrel.
It’s no wonder that  Conservatives (like me), and Tea Party supporters (like me) are FED UP to our Ears with this man!  Us  patriotic Americans know exactly what Obamas goals are and WE don’t like it and we don’t want any part of the racist Community Organizer, or the racist, Community Agitator, Al Sharpton who now seems to be at the highest level of  Obama’s Administration, as Obama's Race Ambassador.

Aug 24, 2014

Obama Will Be Sending Not One, But THREE, Officials To Attend The Funeral Of Michael Brown

The Obama administration announced this weekend that it will be sending not one, but THREE, officials to attend the funeral of Michael Brown on Monday.
President Barack Obama is sending three White House officials to the funeral service of the Missouri teenager whose death in a police shooting in Ferguson, Missouri, has sparked days of racial unrest.
Leading the group for Monday's service will be the chairman of the My Brother's Keeper Task Force, Broderick Johnson. My Brother's Keeper is an Obama initiative that aims to empower young minorities. Johnson is also the secretary for the Cabinet.
Also attending will be the deputy director of the White House Office of Public Engagement, Marlon Marshall, and an adviser for the office, Heather Foster.

This decision was highly questionable as is, but when compared to the White House’s presence at, say, the funerals of Maj. Gen. Harold Greene an American General that was killed by Iraqi Terrorist’s or British Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher, it’s DEPLORABLE.
And In just case you were wondering, Obama was golfing during Greene’s funeral.This shows that the only ones who cannot see through this Charlatan by now t must be stupid or a LEFTEST!  Uh, yeah, and one other thing:...those who were snubbed were all  WHITE.

Jun 23, 2014

Is Barack Hussein Obama a psychopath?

There's something  interesting to consider about some characteristics when combined with actions of President Obama since he took office. He certainly had the initial charisma and likability. He had the perfect-looking family with the perfect-looking face at the perfect time for America to fall for him. No matter what his opponents pointed to, no one questioned him for fear of being labeled racists.

Psychopaths often act audaciously, without regard for those affected. They get away with actions that others in their positions haven’t, because of their ability to remain calm even when committing atrocities, and their ability to manipulate whole groups of people.

Obama has taken more luxury vacations than any other president, and he has done so as the American economy was in collapse for his policies. He has taken his entire family and spent tens of millions of dollars in exotic, luxe locations like Hawaii, Vail, Europe and Africa. His predecessors made Americans increasingly familiar with places like Camp David and Martha’s Vineyard or their own vacation homes such as the Bushes’ Kennebunkport, the Kennedys’ Cape Cod, the Reagans’ Rancho Del Cielo in California or George W’s exotic locale, Crawford, Texas. Other presidents were exceptionally sensitive to the state of the American people, foregoing vacations when the American people were mourning or hurting economically – not the Obamas. When the economy was at its worst, gas prices were at record highs, and Americans were going without vacations and other needs, Obama extended his wife and daughters’ vacation in Spain.

But luxe vacations are just the beginning. Obama has golfed more than any other president. On days when America has been under attack, on days when military heroes have died, on days when the nation is mourning – still Obama finds time for a game of hoops with a hip-hop star or a round of golf with a key contributor. His advisers had to pull him off the golf course to talk him into taking out Osama bin Laden.

After the second round of murders of government-guaranteed defenseless Fort Hood soldiers last week, Obama mustered a tear or two for cameras before slipping out the back door to head to a $32,000-per-plate party for himself.

This pattern of inauthenticity would be very difficult, even debilitating for someone with an intact conscience, in my opinion.

But audacity is a manifestation of psychopathy, and Obama is a master of audacity. He has exacted more items into law by the capricious act of executive order than any other president in such a short period of time. Traditionally, this is only done in very rare instances, because presidents know that the American people will not stand for that sort of tyranny. In Obama’s case, it is explained away, if mentioned by media at all, with whinings of “the other party’s obstructionist acts” or “someone else forced the president to act so cavalierly.”

That brings us to another habit of the psychopath – blaming others. First, Obama and his cronies blamed President Bush for just about everything. They blame the tea party for any bad press, the Koch brothers for any mishaps and Congress for Obama’s tyrannical executive orders and the removal of the filibuster as a means of defense against Obama’s imperial appointments.

The truly skilled psychopath can make his own biases look like they are the shortcoming of his opponent. When the New Black Panther thugs with clubs were intimidating voters during the 2008 election, those who voiced concern were called racist and alarmist for even bringing up the issue. Once elected, Obama had his attorney general, Eric Holder not only drop all charges but actually drop convictions! President Obama accuses others of racial bias, when it is he who is one of the worst.

Another common trait of the psychopath is a mysterious and shady past. We know very little about President Obama’s formative years and little about his college years. Records are sealed or withheld, and requests for them are dismissed as ridiculous requests from paranoid detractors.

The psychopath is great at connecting personally with people and convinces everyone that he is just like them. President Obama is just a normal guy who likes movies, basketball, golf and likes to play video games. Experts call it mirroring.

Perhaps the most frightening symptom of the psychopath is to kill while keeping their own hands clean. Obama takes full credit for killing Osama bin Laden to the point of both stealing the glory from our Navy SEALs and at the same time betraying the existence of SEAL Team Six and exposing them to unwarranted assassination risk – risk that resulted in the worst catastrophic loss of life in the history of the SEALs. Did Obama take responsibility for that? He certainly spent far less time mourning their loss or taking responsibility for their deaths than he did taking credit for being tough dealing with terror.

Jun 8, 2014

I Find it EXTREMELY Disturbing That the Left Would Praise A Coward Who Deserted His Post During War Time.

Deserter Bergdahl was "ashamed to be an American"? Oh Well, nothing new here, so is Obama and the "First Lady"wife. So no wonder it was high on Obama's list to bring this man back to America (the more people he can have in America who hate America, the better his chance of bringing down this country).
 I Find it EXTREMELY Disturbing That the Left will Praise a Coward Who Deserted His Post, As I Do When Our president Is Negotiating With Terrorists!

This is a disgusting display of hypocrisy and moral bankruptcy, and is proof positive that  this what we’ve finally become!

Apr 3, 2014

Nancy Pelosi: "I'm not going to campaign on Obamacare"

While Democratic House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi took an Obamacare victory lap Tuesday afternoon, she appeared hesitant to make the law the central plank in her party’s push to win in 2014, telling reporters that “while we’re proud of the Affordable Care Act, we now pivot to jobs.”

 Lets be clear about this!  Democrats have killed off many of those job opportunities. These liberal morons have 'pivoted to jobs' so often that it appears they are wandering around in circles without a clue...
Maybe Queen Piglosi should have read the bill before they passed the bill !
This is not rocket science - when something is positive you campaign on it. When something is toxic, you avoid it like the plague.
Doesn't that just further illustrate what a catastrophic failure Obamacare is? If anyone can campaign on Obamacare with zero repercussions it's Nancy Pelosi - and even she won't touch it!  What does that say!
Obama, Pelosi, and Reid have lied their asses off about Obamacare for 5 years now. But Pelosi's actions proves that she knows Obamacare is a shit-sandwich which they shoved down the throats of the American people.

On a side note, how hilarious is it that the Democrats have been saying for 5 years now that they are "turning their focus on jobs"? For one, I thought they already did this? For another, why have they been celebrating the "recovery" of the economy and declaring everything is "fine" if they know that the nation needs them to focus on jobs? Oops...

Mar 28, 2014

Black-on-Black crimes, or Idiots and Hypocrites

 In our inner-cities, in our major cities like New York, Chicago, and Detroit we are losing our young people by the hundreds. In America’s inner-cities, kids, and even babies are being killed at an alarming rate right in their own backyards, in our playgrounds, in our parks etc. . Why aren't we doing something about it? Why aren't these so called and self appointed Black leaders and spokes-people even SAYING something about it, anything?
Where's the outrage?  Why isn’t our (Black) president or that blow-hard Al Sharpton  concerned enough about this state of violence among black youth?

Left-wingers don't care about the tens of thousands of young black males killed on the streets of liberal cities; as long as they aren't murdered by white, or half-white, or Hispanic's like George Zimmerman!
And as far as I can see, The Black clergy continues to ignore this problem as well.
Pastor Aubrey Shines of Chicago said, “If Obama Had a Son, He’d Look a Lot Like the Knockout Thugs”

Mar 21, 2014

It's 2 years later and Romney is still owning Obama in the debates.

It's 2 years later and Romney is still owning Obama in the debates.

Isn’t it so that Obama said the following in the Presidential debates.
“Obama said the cold war is over and Al Queda is on the run”
Romney accurately predicted Russia would take center stage as a geopolitical foe while Obama declared that a "reset" had been made and Russia was now our "good friend"

Obama weakened our national security with his ignorance and lack of preparation while a governor (Romney) could see Russia coming from a mile away, and all those Liberia's STILL can support Comrade Obama at all costs!

Once again, indisputable facts proves that Obama is ignorant, incapable, and unqualified for his job (which he illegally obtained through voter fraud anyway).

Obama believed he could "unite" communists because he was one of them. He was simply to immature and idealistic to understand that communists are vicious dictators who do not unite but rather make temporary alignments for their own personal gain and then turn on each other like rabid wolves.

Perhaps if he actually went to class at Columbia instead of skipping to snort cocaine and smoke pot or if he hadn't skipped all of those national security meetings, he might have actually learned something? But sadly, Obama has convinced Obama that he's too smart and has nothing left to learn.

Mar 16, 2014

Benghazi, Perhaps the Most Outrageous of All of Obama's Lies!

We already know the truth! Now we want Obama and Hillary properly held responsible (God forbid, right). We know it was a planned attack - not a YouTube video as Obama lied about. We know that more security was requested dozens and dozens and dozens of times by no less than 9 different RSO's and it was all ignored and/or denied. We know that Obama and Hillary watched it via drone feed and instructed additional security to stand down. We know all of this already. You may not (probably because you don't want to know). But we do.

I wonder how many times you libs denied the Clinton & Lewinsky affair  before Clinton admitted it and then how many times afterwards he went off on some bizarre diatribe about "the quest for truth" while mentioning unrelated items like Nixon and Watergate???

Apparently some of these blind, deaf and dumb liberal asshats still  think that Bush is always the Blame
Sorry sweetie, If reality and facts are too difficult for you to deal with, I suggest you see a mental health expert.
Either way, don't blame me for Obama's failures and lies.........and please don't insult my intelligence !
But then again, Dumbocrats are always devoid of facts

Mar 13, 2014

Rutgers professors tells Condi Rice: "Go home, and take your speech with you".

 Rutgers University New Brunswick Faculty Council passed a resolution that demands the board of governors take back its invitation to Condoleezza Rice to speak!
You liberals are just to freken much!. Rutgers is a public university paid for NOT only with liberals' tax dollars, but with those of all Americans, therefore, all speakers from all persuasions should be allowed to speak. But you liberals clearly cannot tolerate diverse opinions, you stifle Free Speech, you are enemies of of our constitutional liberties.  You progressives  have a history of silencing public speakers that offer a diverse opinion.  Free speech is about allowing EVERYONE to speak. not just those you agree with. Free Speech is about NOT SILENCING those you disagree with. Thanks for confirming that you liberals are really Socialist.

Mar 4, 2014

I can see Russia from my house'

 Did Sarah Palin Really, and Actually Say: "I can see Russia from my house."
Sarah Palin said: "I can see Russia from my house."
Sarah Palin said: "I can see Russia from my house."
Sarah Palin said: "I can see Russia from my house."

The basis for that line came from then Governor Palin's 2008 appearance in a News  interview after being appointed as the Vice-presidential nominee. During that appearance, interviewer Charles Gibson asked her what insight she had gained from living so close to Russia, and she responded: "They're our next-door neighbors, and you can actually see Russia from land here in Alaska, from an island in Alaska":
But later that Intellectual Moron Tina Fey who appeared in a sketch portraying Sarah Palin spoofed Governor Palin's remark, and changed it making Governor Palin sould as if she was that stupid.  And it didn’t take too long before the IDIOTS in the Progressive Mode to latch on to it.
 But don’t you people who still have a brain find it a bit odd that the Soviet Union (Russia) completely collapsed when we had a Conservative Republican with Brains and Guts in office.  Yes, I am referring to the Great  Ronald Reagan. And soon after President Barack Hussein Obama was elected we weakened our military!  With his flawed policies, and his pathological lies has weakened this countries defense.
Doesn’t that tell you everything you need to know about the idiots running this country today?

Well it tells me that under this weak and disastrous Liberal Progressive/Democrat regime the United States of American is now not only weak,  but weak to the point of deadly danger too.  To ALL OF US AMERICANS and that the USSR with Vladimir Putin, a former KGB leader and  a known warrior at the helm has awakened as the Russian Bear he once was.  And now with a known weak US President we can only imagine that the Cold War has really never ended. So to say that Barack Hussein Obama is  a known weak US President is an understatement.  He showed and proved that to the world with his stupid famous “RED LINE” statement to the Assad regime on Syria’s chemical weapons last year. And then had  former KGB leader Vladimir Putin bail him out of it.

Right from day one in office Obama has been trying to reduce the military in every way possible. Remember the sequestration limits to reduce government spending?  Remember 2009 when he told the Muslim world in his famous speech in Cairo when he said, "there have been times where AMERICA HAS SHOWN ARROGANCE AND BEEN DISMISSIVE”!  Instead of recognizing all the good that America does throughout the entire world every day and every year!

And now we see a very weak Barack Hussein Obama and his ilk running around the Olympics supporting the homosexual agenda and trying to change the Russian nation and a   former KGB leader’s beliefs while they are sending Troops by the Hundreds of Thousands to threaten war.
So while the Russian bear Vladimir Putin has strengthened the Russian military.  The very weak Barack Hussein Obama and his ilk are threatening and warning Russia on of possible U.S. sanctions and threatened to boycott the G8 meeting in June!  WOW!

All this while Obama has made every effort to disarm the American citizen banning their weapons.
Yes, all this while that “Stupid” Sarah Palin is saying “I told ya’ll so” I told ya that the Obama administration has only emboldened President Vladimir Putin.

Feb 21, 2014

Oh, when will they ever learn?

Is it Hilarious or is it just plain Stupid, that our Pussy of a President is “Drawing another Line in the Sand” this time in the Kiev situation.
Yeah, I’ll bet that Putin is really afraid of this guy! Does he really think that anyone cares?