Mar 28, 2014

Black-on-Black crimes, or Idiots and Hypocrites

 In our inner-cities, in our major cities like New York, Chicago, and Detroit we are losing our young people by the hundreds. In America’s inner-cities, kids, and even babies are being killed at an alarming rate right in their own backyards, in our playgrounds, in our parks etc. . Why aren't we doing something about it? Why aren't these so called and self appointed Black leaders and spokes-people even SAYING something about it, anything?
Where's the outrage?  Why isn’t our (Black) president or that blow-hard Al Sharpton  concerned enough about this state of violence among black youth?

Left-wingers don't care about the tens of thousands of young black males killed on the streets of liberal cities; as long as they aren't murdered by white, or half-white, or Hispanic's like George Zimmerman!
And as far as I can see, The Black clergy continues to ignore this problem as well.
Pastor Aubrey Shines of Chicago said, “If Obama Had a Son, He’d Look a Lot Like the Knockout Thugs”

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