Mar 16, 2014

Benghazi, Perhaps the Most Outrageous of All of Obama's Lies!

We already know the truth! Now we want Obama and Hillary properly held responsible (God forbid, right). We know it was a planned attack - not a YouTube video as Obama lied about. We know that more security was requested dozens and dozens and dozens of times by no less than 9 different RSO's and it was all ignored and/or denied. We know that Obama and Hillary watched it via drone feed and instructed additional security to stand down. We know all of this already. You may not (probably because you don't want to know). But we do.

I wonder how many times you libs denied the Clinton & Lewinsky affair  before Clinton admitted it and then how many times afterwards he went off on some bizarre diatribe about "the quest for truth" while mentioning unrelated items like Nixon and Watergate???

Apparently some of these blind, deaf and dumb liberal asshats still  think that Bush is always the Blame
Sorry sweetie, If reality and facts are too difficult for you to deal with, I suggest you see a mental health expert.
Either way, don't blame me for Obama's failures and lies.........and please don't insult my intelligence !
But then again, Dumbocrats are always devoid of facts

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