Aug 21, 2015

The evidence that Obamacare is a catastrophic FAILURE continues to mount day after day.

The Obama Administration not only on record admitting they had to deceive the American people about Obamacare, but they also refer to the American voter as "stupid". That's right you liberals - this is what your masters in the Democrat Party think of you! They think you are stupid puppets who are not worthy of the truth.... And this is what YOU voted for.

May 11, 2015

The Right to Bear Arms

When will the left, the liberal, the Leftist's, the progressive, etc. educate themselves beyond a second grade level so that they may understand clear, concise, simple sentences?

Just because you don't like a law like the Right to Bear Arms, doesn't mean you get to violate it.  I thank God every day that our founders protected Our Right to Arms.
The beauty of the Constitution is that it can be amended. So go through the proper and legal amendment process and change it. Except that, you can't because the American people don't agree with you or your unhinged, Leftist, radical views. And that pisses you off. Well...sorry my friend, but you just can’t have it your way...

Why Attack Pamela Geller?

Remember what happened on September 11, 2001, well so did Pamela Gellar when she did what she did in Garland, Texas last week.  And she did so to bring  attention to the insanity called the “ Religion of Peace.”
Pamela Gellar stood up to these Muslim terrorists who have shown us exactly what they do to keep people under their control, and that they murder those who don’t do things their takes no courage to stand up to these radical bastards....that is why we need mor Pamela Geller’s ...some of you cowards back down without hesitation, she stood up to them and without hesitation.

May 8, 2015

Obamacare is a catastrophic FAILURE!

As the Progressive Nut-cases and the Dumbocrats on these blogs love to crow about - Obamacare was passed into law by Congress, signed into law by the president, and upheld by the Supreme Court. So why exactly does the federal government have to piss away billions to promote an existing law?!? Has this ever been done with any other law in U.S. history?

They begged the NBA to help promote it and the NBA said yes. They begged the NFL to help promote it, and the NFL told them to go fuck themselves (doh!). So why are they so desperate to reach people through Hollywood and sports? Because even the Dumbocrats know this is a miserable failure, and they know it is going to be repealed eventually unless they can do major damage control and brainwash the masses (especially the young and impressionable - hence the NBA, NFL, etc.) that this is a "good" thing.
Now, how embarrassing is that the Federal Government had to use our tax dollars on commercials to promote their catastrophic failures as being a "good" thing..

Super Bowl champ Baltimore Ravens getting paid $130,000 to promote Obamacare | You can read the story at

I just can't wait until all of the Dumbocrats on these boards start claiming that this didn't happen and that it is just another case of "Right-wing Misinformation" !  Yeah right!

May 2, 2015

Today's Rant!

I just can’t for the live of me understand the voters fascination with people like the Clintons or Obama... They are lying  CROOKS that haven't been prosecuted, uh, wait, Bill was impeached but the evidence didn't get a conviction... OK, back on track now; Hillary Klintoon brings more baggage than an ocean liner and more suspicion than a Alfred Hitchcock movie thriller, but the stupid voters look the other way...the democrat and their leaders are the weakest, most spineless bunch of miscreants that the voters could find.  I am appalled that anyone in America would give credence to this pack of Idiots and lairs like Hillary and Obama.  But that what this bunch of loons out there do. They just follow the party no matter how much filth they leave behaind them.

It could well turn out to be the times in which we live in, but the usual suspects have sold us out once again.
These lame excuses that we have for representatives probably had a big party to celebrate their victory, and are laughing at us for falling for their lies and deception.  We see them parading before us one by one as their lies and corruption is being exposed. . How sad that we have succumbed to the Marxists, and Socialist, and Communists that we despised only a shot time ago. .           
Maybe it’s time for “We The People” to ignore Obama’s so called laws, and rise up. Thanks to the asshole RINOS in our party.
 If there isn’t an actual Conservative to vote for in November, 2016, I’m not going to vote. If the country decides it wants to tank, then it’s time to just watch out for me and mine and everyone else can go to hell, with the rest of the country.  I just can’t hang around for another 4- 8 years of this crap with these goofy lying, crooked Bastards running and ruining this country. If the American electorate put the screeching ugly, Fat Bitch from Arkansas to be President of this country we’re doomed.

Mar 5, 2015

"Corporate Welfare"

While liberals cry about wealth inequality, Hollywood liberals (wallowing in tens of millions of dollars) are passing out $167,000 gift-bags to the losers at the Oscars. Think of how many starving children could be fed with the money spent on just one of these gift bags. Think about how many uninsured Americans (thanks to Obama and the Democrats forcing most of America out of their health insurance) could be insured with the money spent on just one of these gift bags. Now multiply that by 21.

Over $3.5 million dollars spent on smut promoting promiscuity by the people who cry about "wealth inequality". Do multi-millionaires who hoard their own wealth really need $5,000 "orgasm boosters" and "luxury condoms" for free? I'm fairly certain Reese Witherspoon can afford all of those items (and more) as easily as I can afford a pack of gum. Why wouldn't a Hollywood liberal stand up and demand that all of the money for these products be redirected into public schools or homeless shelters?

"Socialism is for the people - not the socialist". A liberal lives for opulence. They will demand that you redistribute your money so that they may remain wealthier than you (while at the same time convincing themselves that they "care" about the less fortunate since they were willing to force you to redistribute your money). But you won't see any of them share their own extreme wealth - even when their own aunt, brother, and nephew are suffering in real poverty (ahem, Barack Obama). You'll never see any of them pass on a $30,000 ball gown so that a food shelter can feed the hungry (ahem, Michelle Obama). You'll never see any of them pass on limousines to extravagant (not to mention wasteful) awards ceremonies so that our veterans can receive the care and support they deserve (ahem, Hollywood liberals). And you'll certainly never see any of them pass on a $10 million private jets and multiple million-dollar homes so that the homeless can have shelters - not to mention reducing the carbon footprint (ahem, Al Gore).

Obama sent $500 million (taken, in the form of taxes, from the poor Americans) to Solyndra despite knowing they would still file bankruptcy and close their doors. Then he sent billions to GM and Chrysler. Then he sent billions to Wall Street banks.

And then the banks who were on the verge of collapse were sending millions to Hillary Clinton because they knew that Democrats will bail them out with an endless flow of cash. They know that they can be as irresponsible teenagers with their money and liberals will keep the tax dollars of poor Americans flowing to them.

And yet liberals still cry if conservatives propose tax cuts? They want to carry the false narrative that responsible tax codes are "corporate welfare" while their own party is throwing around trillions of dollars to corporations (in hopes of eventually collapsing America). What does that tell you about the mental capacity of the liberal voter?  And what does that tell you about Barack Obama?

Maybe they should take polygraph tests of every member of Congress and the President and Vice President. and any candidate who runs for office. That alone would send all the dirtbag scam artists and adulterers running back to the dark corners like the cockroaches they are!