May 2, 2015

Today's Rant!

I just can’t for the live of me understand the voters fascination with people like the Clintons or Obama... They are lying  CROOKS that haven't been prosecuted, uh, wait, Bill was impeached but the evidence didn't get a conviction... OK, back on track now; Hillary Klintoon brings more baggage than an ocean liner and more suspicion than a Alfred Hitchcock movie thriller, but the stupid voters look the other way...the democrat and their leaders are the weakest, most spineless bunch of miscreants that the voters could find.  I am appalled that anyone in America would give credence to this pack of Idiots and lairs like Hillary and Obama.  But that what this bunch of loons out there do. They just follow the party no matter how much filth they leave behaind them.

It could well turn out to be the times in which we live in, but the usual suspects have sold us out once again.
These lame excuses that we have for representatives probably had a big party to celebrate their victory, and are laughing at us for falling for their lies and deception.  We see them parading before us one by one as their lies and corruption is being exposed. . How sad that we have succumbed to the Marxists, and Socialist, and Communists that we despised only a shot time ago. .           
Maybe it’s time for “We The People” to ignore Obama’s so called laws, and rise up. Thanks to the asshole RINOS in our party.
 If there isn’t an actual Conservative to vote for in November, 2016, I’m not going to vote. If the country decides it wants to tank, then it’s time to just watch out for me and mine and everyone else can go to hell, with the rest of the country.  I just can’t hang around for another 4- 8 years of this crap with these goofy lying, crooked Bastards running and ruining this country. If the American electorate put the screeching ugly, Fat Bitch from Arkansas to be President of this country we’re doomed.

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