Mar 13, 2014

Rutgers professors tells Condi Rice: "Go home, and take your speech with you".

 Rutgers University New Brunswick Faculty Council passed a resolution that demands the board of governors take back its invitation to Condoleezza Rice to speak!
You liberals are just to freken much!. Rutgers is a public university paid for NOT only with liberals' tax dollars, but with those of all Americans, therefore, all speakers from all persuasions should be allowed to speak. But you liberals clearly cannot tolerate diverse opinions, you stifle Free Speech, you are enemies of of our constitutional liberties.  You progressives  have a history of silencing public speakers that offer a diverse opinion.  Free speech is about allowing EVERYONE to speak. not just those you agree with. Free Speech is about NOT SILENCING those you disagree with. Thanks for confirming that you liberals are really Socialist.

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