Sep 3, 2014

Obama tells the world that: “We Will NOT Be Intimidated?

Intimidated?  They go around and chop off the heads of our citizens and he calls that being  intimidated?  For Crist’s Sakes, this is an act of War!
How long is this going to take before this MORON we have in our White House wakes up and Bombs the crap out of these Sons of Bitches?
Why would anybody believe what Obama is saying?? We watched him, as our leader, do nothing after Foley was beheaded. He said "We don't have a strategy.", relating to the situation. Then we get another American beheaded. I don't get it. Our president does not have the leadership skills to handle this. We need help. We need our military Generals to be allowed to do what they do best.
Obama never did care about the Constitution or our military. He is just a egotistical narcissistic, Marxist with not one ounce of concern for this great Country of ours.

And that's really the entire thing in a nutshell. The cancer known as liberalism is so absurd, that even the despicable liberals calling for their failed ideology refuse to adhere to what they are calling for.

I wonder what lack of shame it takes to demand that everyone do what they refuse to see. If this were the president that I supported, I would be beyond ashamed!
But NO!  These Numb-Nuts aka Liberals are still supporting him and making all kinds of excuses for him.. 

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