Mar 20, 2011

Will President Obama be the First black President, and the last?

 Now that the barrier has been broken, one must only wonder, will president Obama be the first black president, and the last?
President Obama robbed African Americans in so many ways. We titled him America’s first Black President, and  African-American to benefit from this.  He came from a background of the African Muslims and was an inspiration to all African Americans.

Now he has kidnapped the black race in America and is making  us all look as if we cheated America by picking the wrong Black man as our First Black President..

He promised Americans hope and change gave us false hope and change for the worse.  How can this possibly be happening in our country?
We have taken a step backwards in stead of forward and that is not the hope or change we expected. . Folks have become more divided then ever before. I can’t say that I  blame some of the older black folks for harboring the hatred against whites for the way they were treated in the past.  I wasn’t around in those days so I can’t speak for those who were.  They tell us that their life was terrible back them, and from what I have read, I can understand that it must have been true.  But those problems are gone, we don’t see any of the segregation any more and we must move on.  No, memories won't go away as long as you keep harboring those memories and playing the race card. We must look deeper into life than the color of our skin .

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