Dec 26, 2013

Do You Think That It’s Intolerant to Be Intolerant of Intolerance?

 Maybe you should try living in a communist dystopian where they're not tolerated to make their own lifestyle decisions, but instead, have to conform to others who are intolerant of how they want the freedom to choose how they live their lives.
If you choose to be lazy, if you want handouts, go right ahead. It's a free country. But when you start demanding the government steal my money to support your choice, then you are violating my liberties.  Yes--we need to rid DC of ALL 'Progressives', RINO's & all their cohorts who are trying to incrementally dismantle & demolish every single principle & ideal on which our (formerly great) nation was premised.  These people are nothing but a bunch of asshats. and  liberal douche bags.
I think communist China, Russia, Cuba,,or North Korea have plenty of room for you. Go over there and see where your liberal ideas get you... Drink the cool-aide and wear the “I love Obama t-shirt”
 I’m just hoping that  America wakes up soon, but with Obama getting away with literally murder and disregard for our constitution.

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