May 4, 2011

In the Aftermath.

The Joint Chiefs and others are staying as far from this as possible, w/ the exception of the mission itself, they are more then happy to have this group of misfits fall all over themselves. You are who you are, and those who supported this bunch and continue to, are a mirror image of the misfits they elected. No brains, No concept of reality, and just plain stupid.
I am personally in a state of shock at the total, total stupidity these baboons exhibit almost on a daily basis. Every time their arrogant months open, I hold my breath in fear of what they will expel from those empty skulls. If this group is re-elected we really are in more danger then we can imagine.
We now have because of their blabbering mouths, people who are suggesting that this mission was against international law, Osama was unarmed and as such should not have been killed, and a whole slew of other things......WHATS NEXT, the Seals and officers being put on trail by our own government because they will at any expense cover their "Howard Dean" when more of the puzzle is pieced together. I am in total shock....this is the Titanic 10 fold, it is Jimmy Carter 10 fold, they are killing us

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