May 5, 2011

President? Or Acting President?

We have as a President someone who played a senator for a few hours off and on, and came to the office w/out any qualifications which thinking people might expect. After becoming President, the club went to work, we have in the Sec. of State a former First Lady, mom, and part time house wife, although she would never admit to it. What qualifications does she have to hold this office, oh I forgot, she was a candidate for President and her name is Clinton.......
So is it no wonder that between her and Obama, we have this mess. Is someone going to tell me that she is smarter than so many others who might have held this office, or more qualified, I guess name recognition and deals under the table is as much as one needs for certain gov. jobs. We can be thankful that there are still a few occupations out their in the real world that require a resume and some prerequisites before holding the job. Yes, running a nation of 300 million plus and dealing w/ the world, holding the nuclear football and commanding the worlds best armed forces is no big deal, these two have proven it. So a former first lady or a 5th rate professor, (if we can believe that) will be all that is required for any future person who has a desire to be President or Sec. of State. Lets hope those occupations such as heart surgeons and airline pilots do not sink to the level of these two.
We have had and continue to have sub-standard statesman, but the bar has reached a new low, or has it.....maybe Michelle Obama will be qualified to be Sec. of State or even President after her tenure as First Lady...why not she has as much as Hillary  NONE!

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