Jun 12, 2012

Democrat Party - Liberal Party - Progressive ,Party - the Parties of Hypocrisy

Liberals claim they are pro-choice. Well, why don't I have the choice to opt out of Social Security? Why don't I have the choice to opt out of Medicare? Why don't I have the choice to opt out of Medicaid? Why don't I have the choice to opt out of Obamacare? For a party claiming to be "pro-choice", they sure seem to mandate and force their ideology on everyone.
Liberals claim that the US Constitution is a "living" document and open to "interpretation", even though it is written in black & white, is set in stone unless properly altered through the amendment process, and it is the law. So by their very logic, our laws on rape are "living" and open to "interpretation". At any moment, liberal women can be raped by their own logic, because who knows what the writers of the rape laws really meant? Perhaps we could make the case that, with a condom on, there is NO actual contact between rapist and victim, thus making it impossible to be rape since a piece of synthetic material made the contact, and that material is not capable of being held accountable for rape. Additionally, I see countless loopholes for gang rapes (if person A already raped her, then he is the perpetrator and thus person B was just checking the victim for damage, evidence, etc.)? Funny how laws set in stone are "living" and open to "interpretation" when it suits their agenda, and not the case when it doesn't.

Liberals claim that they want a better world, yet they do NOTHING to help the world or anyone in it. They call for Communism to "help" others so they don't have to. They call for government to take over the private sector so they don't have to start a business, hire for great wages, provided benefits, and ensure a permanent job until retirement for their employees. They hoard wealth for themselves, while screaming about the wealth "disparity" in the U.S. Not one of them will mortgage their own home to start a business and provide jobs for the unemployed. Furthermore, why do they even own a place? If they care so much, why don't they take their income and give it over to the homeless, the hungry, the uninsured, etc.?

Liberals ask government to intervene in the private sector, and when that government intervention results in catastrophic failure, they blame the free market! Case in point - Clinton's Community Reinvestment Act in which he essentially forced the private sector banks to provide loans to people who previously wouldn't get approved. That lead to people having homes they couldn't afford, which lead to them running up credit cards, which lead to additional loans, which ultimately lead to all of those financial institutions not getting their money back. Which meant they had to start laying off workers, which meant those workers could no longer pay their mortgage, and slowly the housing market started to collapse. But ask a liberal about this, they will completely ignore that we had no housing market collapse before government unconstitutionally stuck their nose in that sector of the private market, and will make the case for more government intervention to "protect consumers". In other words, the consumer begged the bank for a loan, the bank gave it to them, and then the bank is to blame for giving them that loan (at the point of a gun from the government) and demonized as "evil". Only a liberal could make the case that giving someone what they asked for makes you the fucking asshole.

I could go on for hours, but I think this sufficiently exposes their hypocrisy. They literally contradict themselves with each breath.

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