Sep 22, 2013

Black Racism In America

This past week Obama gave another one of his repulsive, and offensive speeches. Part of what made it so was his accusation that Republicans in the House would rather mess with him, than do him, than do what is right for the American people.  Notice that he said “him, than do what is right for the American people” Is that “HIS” interpretation of “what’s right for the America people” or the America people’s?
He once again inferred that same old sickening, hateful, detestable, accusation that Racism was the cause of the people’s objection to his failed policy.
When it’s really him and the progressives who are the ones  playing the Race Card, And examples of that are as follows.. ..Progressives treat blacks as victims in need of kid glove treatment and special favors, and they will never let go of the "Slavery" issue.
Obama and his Progressives claim that Obamacare Opponents are Racists!
These Ignorant Progressive TWITS, who the hell do these people think elected Obama, if not the Whites?
The NAACP have showed us that they are nothing more now than a Black KKK Mob. We all are quite aware of the Black Racism shown when the George Zimmerman lynch-mob-job  were trying to lynch him, even before he had a TRIAL!. Didn’t they /Malik Zulu Shabazz offer a $10,000 bounty for him Dead or Alive?  He even put up posters declaring him, "Wanted, Dead or Alive."!  What the hell was with that?  Is this thje Old West, offering "Wanted, Dead or Alive." bounties?
 He also went after the jury who found Zimmerman not guilty.  And ever since Zommerman’s acquittal, death threats have continued to pour in against Zimmerman, his wife, his attorney and even the  jurors in the case. Since he as made these threats shouldn’t this nutjob have been arrested?  So why not?
Remember the Black Panther's calling for killing of cracker babies!
So why did Black people vote for Obama in the first place?
Plain and Simple, Because of Racism. They voted for him because of Obama's blackness (or half black) or whatever.. So despite decades of voting Democrat, this time they voted for Obama based on race.
And because of Free stuff. Obama promised a bunch of "free stuff" such as cell phones."Obama Phones"
Free healthcare? Yes, mean Obamacare!
Free food stamps. .Free housing, Free Cars,Free abortions Free TV’s, Free everything!
So, why did blacks vote for Barry??
Real easy. Because he's the first black ever elected to POTUS. He's black and thats why they voted for him. Most of em could care less how the country runs. Its all about his half blackness.
No big shocker, and no need to deny it. Unless of course you're a FREAKING IDIOT and a LIAR like most of these progressives are.
When groups like the NAACP who should be celebrating an African-American becoming a US Senator, and then the President of the United Stated of America no matter which party they belong to….instead they act like the biggest racists and bigots around if the person just happens to be a Republican! . The NAACP is nothing more than a Racist Hate Group!
Anyone that claims Obama is not a racist is a whack job who can’t see the forest thru the trees. Look at the "church" he comes from. Look at the Pastor in that church ! Obama was married in that church and by Rev. Wright himself and sat there for 20 years and never heard a racist remark?  Are you kidding me?
And lets not forget that Obama’s wife Michelle has never been proud of this country until Obama became a candidate for the US. Presidency.

Obama stuck his two cents into the Professor Henry Gates incident and the Trayvon Martin “ he could have been My Son” but  there was not a word from the President about that thirteen month old baby who was shot in the face and murdered by a black teen.
Nor a word said about the old man who was beaten to death, again by black youth.
Not a word about Malik Shabazz (the new black panther leader), who announced he hated white people, and they should be killed, including white babies.

Where was Al Sharpton, Jessie Jackson, and all the other black activists when the 14year old black girl was killed on a drive by in Chicago or the 1year old white baby was shot by two black youths in front of his mother!  Finally, there are scores of black youth, who are killed by others of their own race.

Now, the President saying nothing about such violence should mention that there is something really wrong here, and pitting racial groups against others, and even their own, is indefensible.
It's a fact that
70% of Blacks murdered were murdered by other Blacks. It's also a fact that when Jesse Jackson was in Washington at one time the story was he was scared to death of black people walking behind him. But no, in that regard the silence is deafening!

And now our Dear Leader said, “the Debt Ceiling, a glorious American tradition that seems to come round earlier every year. "This is not a deadbeat nation," President Obama continued. "We don?t run out on our tab." "Raising the debt ceiling, which has been done over a hundred times, does not increase our debt." WHAT? Who the hell is he kidding? Don’t tell us about “Banana Republics” We all know that’s the path that we are already on.
We have been held hostage by socialist kidnappers for the past 5 years and counting! It doesn’t take a Rocket scientist to see that.
It time we took a stand to unsubsidized Obamacare once and for all. If we were a Banana Republic, it’s because we have a president who made us into one. Let him draw another Red Line and stop the country from doing everything. It could be just what the Doctor ordered.
Face it, we will never get rid of racism in America until we start by getting rid of the repulsive, the  disgusting,and the offensive, Shabazz’s, the Al Sharpton’s, the Jessie Jackson’s, the Maxine Waters, and yes the NAACP, the Rainbow coalition, and the Reverend Wright’s. and the Black racist Comedians and Rappers. And why is it ok for black rappers to use the n-word but a young Paula Deen can't?

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