Sep 28, 2013

The Liberal - Progressive Party A mob of stupid, self centered misfits!

Never in my life I would have expected to see an US-president arming al Qaeda like the Obama administration did  after 9/11. Never. Ever

Having Russia and Syria make the rules and decisions at the UN about the rebels being “terrorists”.  An attack against Syria is imminent. The US Government is already distributing their propaganda to the media like a dealer to a heroin addict. “Syria is moving their chemical weapons!” Oh yeah, sure they are... we all heard that about that with  Saddam too, and it ended up being another US fabricated fairy tale. I have a pair of balls that I'm am willing to lend the US media... any takers?

So now they say that they  are going back to IRAQ where they started from in the first place. If you fools don’t think Iraq ever had WMD your living in the dark. He killed the Kurds with Mustard gas in the first gulf war , He had 2 years blocking inspectors before we invaded them.. I said back then they were in Syria . I guess I was right!

The Obama administration used a threat of military force to stop the Syrian regime from using Chemical Weapons which is a violation of a treaty signed on to by congress and the world in the late 1990's. The result? Syria agreed to hand them off to Russia, where they were previously denying their existence, the UN finished it's investigation, concluding that those weapons were used, and delivered by rockets that only could have come from the Syrian government. If this works out, it would be seen outside the right-wing bubble as a masterful example of statecraft.
What a load.

All this and the actor Ed Asner said Hollywood doesn't want to be critical of Obama because he's black. Well isn’t that assuring.

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